Basically, my family is a family of Artists.

From generations on up, the gene pools of both my mother’s and my father’s side are overladen with skills. My Grandfather Lolo Sixto de la Vega was first-born of first-born. That’s a pretty big deal in the Old Chinese echelons of respect, and even older times in governmental hierarchy.

Sixto de la Vega was Superintendent of Schools in Manila. He started out as a farmer, where he lead a revolt against the Spanish landowners in the early 1900’s, as described in writings on The Calatagan March.

My father was first-born of him and my brother Raymund was firstborn as well. If the Chinese echelon of respect were intact today, my brother Dennis the Menace is the true Patriarch of this living generation of de la Vegas.

My father Silverio had 11 brothers and sisters. When I went to the P.I in 2007 to bury my father, I met most of his kin and also recorded the relations and all that good stuff. I also started a de la Vega Family Group on Facebook which is pretty cool. A lot of de la Vegas from around the world have responded to that site.

I found too, that there are many de la Vega artists.

But really this page entitle Relativity is all about the de la Vegas as artists, Even though my first profiled artist/relative is going to be about a Smith.

Of course, when it comes to de la Vega artistry I’m most proud of my offspring…

I realize that most of you know the beautiful work of Bianca Smith,” the model” whose features are mere perfection. Her skills as a model are top notch. evident in almost every shot. Indeed, Bianca’s modeling is a skill. I have watched her in action. She knows how to work the camera.

Hey – you know what?

Bianca, she’s all over the web with her modeling , my personal favorite shoot being the Puinsai shoot to “spread Aloha” but really this is the de la Vega skills page. Talent in Artistry.

And Bianca’s talents as a visual artist has often gone noticed as her beauty overshadows the reality of how talented this girl truly is. Let’s start with the very first video she ever shot.

When I showed it to Georgina Lightening (Older Than America, Tribal Alliance) a prominent Producer & Director whose credits are enough to fill an 8 giga byte flash drive, Georgina’s mouth was hanging open and I had to say, “Georgina close your mouth”.

This was her very first video and she did it all by herself. She shot it, directed it and etc. Watch it and see what I’m talking about. Bianca Smith’s video “The Night”

Watch it? Okay now check out the video she directed for the next de la Vega I have to tell you about:

Ladies & Gents, meet (my son):

Listen to Blaise Smith myspace player now… Listen to Blaise Smith Radio on Podomatic

Here’s a review by Gary Ludwig

Blaise Smith – The Fox & Hound Pub, Studio City, California. July 2009 – I interrogated him one night while having pints of Stella Artois at his favorite Pub, The Fox and Hounds. He had just come off stage
from an acoustic performance and his appearance was that of one very satisfied man. He was in his realm and his comfort zone, just where I wanted him.

First he wipes the sweat off his forehead then he lights a cigarette, then he sits down. He was unaware of my recording this conversation with my iPhone. Consequently, I recorded a very candid and personal conversation. My intentions were to write his bio, but now, I want to write his book.After 10 Years of writing and performing, and 15 years of guitar, 24 year old L.A. native, Blaise Smith boasts 69 and a half songs. His subject matter ranging broadly from love, loss, labor and inner strife to spirituality, war, addiction, greed and death. Subtle hints of the occult and mysticism characterize his song style. While his voice is a synthesis of his own heroes and heroines, Joni Mitchell, Bob Dylan, The Beatles, Jeff Buckley, Bradley Nowell, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Morrison, Jethro Tull, Nick Drake, Bob Marley, Al Green, and seriously everything in between. His Musical composition is heavily influenced by the classic greats, most of whom have passed away. Poetically, his life’s mission is to spread his love to every corner of the Earth through his performance, and not die like his heroes. His live performance is charismatic. His personality, very edgy, but very welcoming, and in between songs, he cheers the audience, makes speeches and is kind of chaotic in the sense that you’ll never know what situation his nuttiness will create next, and who he will involve, or what he will do, but when the song begins the room becomes attentive and musical as he conveys his message with that powerful voice of his with those lyrics.

Those special lyrics, oh my. Inspiring thought and emotion in even the dullest people. His ear is natural, stellar and he openly challenges his players to improvise with him live onstage under the scrutiny of his audience. Therefore his audience bears witness to the process, and is themselves inspired to improvise in life, in their own ways of expressing. Also, he calls his crowd his “tribe”. His life story seems wildly fictional and sometimes unbelievable but I definitely believe him, because of his conviction as a person. There’s my novel. He just finished his first album called “Little Book” and his 2nd album, which will include 5 songs he wrote this month. He has over 50 songs recorded and continues to record always.

Blaise Smith. He is way special and you should take interest in him if you dig real music.

-Gary Ludwig is a freelance writer that resides in Los Angeles.

I’M NOT SURE HOW TO EXPLAIN MY NIECE JENN DE LA VEGA, except I’m hip enough to know that she’s pretty hip, only – she’s a different generation of hip… sort of out of my league really. she’s so hip she moved to the Big Apple and her dad Jojo – my first cousin says she won’t come back to Lala (hahahaha! see?)

So, to better explain her hipness, I’m relying on a cut and paste from the Apple itself, and “shatterbox“:

Hey Gang,

We’d like to introduce our fourth ‘Make Your Mark’ winner. California-born Jenn De La Vega wears many hats from music/event publicist to chef to entrepreneur, it’s hard to believe that this foodie began as a pre-med student at the University of California.

Jenn moved to NY and began as a band promoter. After representing artists in the indie music scene and handling showcases at CMJ and SxSw, she found her second passion for cooking and enrolled in the French Culinary Institute. Once she added ‘sous chef’ to her title, Jenn fell back into music and has been working as a publicist for theTank ever since.

Jenn plans to build her business working as a personal chef for people and events promoting music, film and writing. She has started her own webisode series called “Facts N’ Cheese” and intends to take over the world, one spanish tapa at a time.

You can check out what she’s up to over here:

Inspirationally yours,

the shatterbox team


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