These are my paintings. There are many more but photographing them correctly entails setting up my ladder at noon day sun. Canvas flat, I climb I shoot. Oh I forgot, first I have to move all the clothes out of my closet and carefully ease each canvas, actually, it’s a “shimmi”, I have to shimmi each one out.


“kind of blue” acrylic 4′ x 4′

“she won’t drown”  6′ x 3′  oil on art board

“my funny valentine”  14″ x 11″

“lady sings the blues” acrylic on canvas 4′ x 4′

“Sonny” oil on canvas 5′ x 6′

“fallen, lost”  acrylic 4′ x 3′

“red light” 8″ x 11″ oil on artboard

’round midnite   3′ x 4′ oil on canvas


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  1. Leslie Graham Tokushima says:

    Truly you are one of the greats!!! and I so charish the painting you took off your wall and gave to me as a gift…your original painting of the “red light” Lucky me! Thank You Yvonne, Love You Les!!!

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