The Nervous Breakdown

The following 6 Links are from Brad Listi’s e-zine, The Nervous Breakdown.  That guy is a genius

Smithson and Milo… Awesome fellas.

Listi, too.  These guys are so hip and fast I call them the   “AT Pack” as in , they are where it’s at. Great writers all of them over there at The Nervous Breakdown.

Milo Martin
Yvonne de la Vega

Everything Pink


And if no one is looking, they’ll find me at the very high profile online presence

that is the closest I’ve come  to actually having a job-a-job at Examiner

as the LA Poetry Examiner,

(there’s a blue rose at the bottom of the page)




Lean into it.
Friday, September 3, 2010

The Nervous Breakdown is an online magazine that receives around 150,000 hits a month. This site was brainstormed by genius Brad Listi. Did I mention he’s hot? Yeah.

Milo Martin a former host with me on Wordbeat is one of the editors. So is Rich Ferguson and a host of other totally hip hipsters.

You can check out my TBN Self Interview

as well as my poem “Everything Pink”


I also publish occasionally at Broowaha

You can find a couple of my poems there and a short story.

Start with Yvonne de la Vega’s Profile and get a list of my publications.



I’ve appeared on several records with some awesome people. Over at Discogs, you can actually pick up the Malcolm McLaren album with “Ire’ a Santiago” where I’m the featured vocalist with a poem by Garcia Lorca. The track was produced by Booker T Washington Jr.Jr.  was really the sound behind the track and it’s pretty cool. Click on the album and it’ll take you to Discogs.




You can also find a copy of the record JUMP STREET my single with Herb Alpert on A&M Records there.

There’s a few more places on the net where I probably am, but who cares, I’m not Paris Hilton. You know if I had my brains and her inheritance… I’d probably be a really bad poet.

Anyways, my fun, fun!  high profile online publication where I get to tell the world all about the greatest poets on the planet!


The LAPoetry Examiner




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