I’ll tell you what it needs a new name. A  face lift. A format and finally, it needs to be discovered.

Broowaha is an online publication, a little secret gem of a site that really does reflect the voice of the people. When I first happened across it, the first impression I got was , local paper, pretty decent writers, most of them unknown or complacently unambitious. Overall, it was strange, but there was something very laid back and unaffected about the overall vibe of Broo haha. waha.

Some of the writers were pretty interesting, some sort of like karaoke writers, no offense but kind of … trite.

So, I thought what the heck. I’ll just publish here sort of like comedians that go and pop into the Improv on Melrose to throw out some new or  experimental jokes you know, just work with a body of people. Like karaoke in LA. Everyone sings great at karaoke around this city. Singers use it to keep their chops up and have a drink with their buddies at the same time, kill two birds with one stone.

So with Broowaha, I started out knowing one person. You know it’s got that social network vibe that is marked by the option of commenting and etc.,  something I’m not too into, but it doesn’t bother that much either.

Anyway, I think I started  publishing at Broo in July.  Since July, I have noticed more and more really talented writers posting their work there. I actually found such a diverse range of topics related by quite the diverse collection of writers, who may not be high profile critics or commentators but they are definitely real people, voicing matters from the true heart of the people.

This style of contributors from all walks of life meeting at a sort of  cross roads, and mixing together on the face of one page is something so grass roots and sincere, that I found this publication to be a valuable scale that shows the balance between all of the people that have also by luck or divine herding, happened upon this gem of a site.

From what I learned the two owners of the publication,  Tony Berkman and Angie Alaniz purchased the e-daily with the name attached. Both are partners in the site as well as good writers themselves.  The collection of writers that I have seen gathering since I have been there is growing, and for the better.

I have told  many writers about Broo, but I think I’ll wait on the major “HEY CHECK OUT THIS SITE!!” until they’ve worked their visions into the publication, as like I said, they just purchased it.

But if you’re reading this, you should check it out and submit a story, article or poem there. I’m talking to you, my great Poet and Writer friends.  It’s growing rapidly, I’d like to see all of you guys contributing your odds and ends of genius writings that never fit into any anthology themes or what not.

Poets, and novelists, journalists and  all y’all, you all have great writings that didn’t get published due to your own editing reasons, like  that piece which just didn’t fit in with your overall theme on that one project, yet the work is one your best.  Go there, to Broowaha  – you’ll feel right at home, it’s an amazing place where your contributions get read. It’s where not only are you getting read, but you’re getting inspired by the honesty of the people’s voice

It inspires with a whole other motivation. And that is, to write.

If you do publish there, let me know and we”ll hook up over there and check out each others’ closet files. heh. Also, if you do let me know and I’ll be sure to look for you and let the Editors know you’re one of  my great writer friends.

Broowaha – get published.


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  1. […] that reads Yvonnnnne de la Vega a-whooopdi…  It’s got the dot com vibe, thank you Broowaha (<my blog about it) for supporting the cause. That’s a favorite publication I write for. […]

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