Alright already. Here’s the truth. I never told anyone what happened to my book deal last year. I told one of my bff’s, Iris Berry the story, and maybe Rick Lupert, since he’s the one that told me I was no longer with … I refuse to say the name. Rick called me to say, “Yvonne, even though you are no longer with ______ Press, we would still love to have you come read at the Cobalt.” I sat there for a second. Then I said “What the fuck what?” or something like that. I called my then publisher and asked first, “How can can you tell someone else before telling me that we no longer have a relationship you chicken shit bastard with a crook streak fuck.” or something like that.

Long story short and because I refuse to rehash the bloody details, the creep started me off thinking 20/80 was a normal book deal. That is, 80% of the profits goes to the publisher and I get the measly 20% AFTER his collecting his initial costs and his thing was print on demand in the first place. He also wanted my E-book. And that is without asking me how I even felt about e-books, that they make me sad and we as writers should all boycott and occupy the e-book otherwise known as the demise of the bound book, like, no more hard copy you dig? Not only that, he had no distribution plans for my book but instead, was depending on me to distribute them myself.

And here’s how I truly feel… How could I give ________ 80% for these two factors: first, Ray Manzarek‘s intro for my book gives me so much love and the fact is, that his legend will sell any book. Secondly, I had never sought a publishing deal and so, the poetry in “Tomorrow Yvonne – Poetry & Prose For Suicidal Egotists” reads like my autobiography. It contains every worthy poem I have ever written in my life. This collection spans from the late 1980’s to today. ________ and I worked on the layout and editing for a whole damn year of my life. When the deal fell through, I went back to whatever it was I was doing. I think I submitted the manuscript elsewhere just one more time but after that, I couldn’t give a crap about going through that stress again.

For another year, the completed manuscript sat in my hard drive like a canned fruit cake someone gave me for Christmas 2009. I always thought I’d find the right time to open that thing up and the right time never really happens for canned fruit cake ’til you commit to eating the whole thing with guests that would eat anything because they’re crashing from a binge. Or something like that. Same with the damn book. Okay, it’s way better than canned fruit cake. To me, it’s tiramisu from Frankie’s and you don’t have to be crashing to get it… you’ll see.

After finally raising me to a 40/60 meaning 60% his take and 40% my take – which is the norm,  I then asked him to sign an agreement on that since it is also the norm for a book publishing deal, and when faced with the paper, he then drops the deal altogether. I was like, “Why that @%^&^%*&&***^%!!!!! or something like that.

     But, like it’s been said a million times, everything happens for a reason. And today, all I have to say is, “THANK YOU JESUS!”  And I give thanks because 1 year later, Iris Berry and A. Razor set up their new publishing company:

go ahead click it

Iris Berry, co publisher Punk Hostage Press

Let me tell you, I wouldn’t want my book in the hands of anyone else. I love Iris Berry. I love her as a person first, because even though her poetry is stellar and has often moved me to tears, her heart has moved me even further, to places of hope and encouragement in this world of paper dolls, manikin and other cold-blooded hominids.

A. Razor, co-publisher, Punk Hostage Press

A. Razor is, simply put, one of the hardest hitting poets I have ever heard. He is honest and his lyricism is punk rawk. And –  he still agrees to publish me even though he’s sure he’s seen me pull a gun on some dude way back in the day.  I might have, he could be right, I did own a 9 mil registered to my husband…  if I did, I’m sure I had good reason and honestly, I’ve never shot anyone. I can’t even kill the ants in my kitchen. I always have a talk with them and they always answer with, “Then do your damn dishes!”

Also, if I did pull a gun on anyone, it’s in the book I promise. (heh)

Anyways, Iris and Razor. The two of them together forming a publishing company that is non-profit just make me wanna …have sex with poetry blaring in the background. Or something like that.

So – thank you Iris and Razor. “Tomorrow, Yvonne – Poetry & Prose For Suicidal Egotists” on Punk Hostage Press… due out this Christmas or before then. YAAAAY!

Tomorrow Yvonne book cover art

Much love,

Yvonne de la Vega with a new deal.


About Yvonne de la Vega

Poet & Thinker. Joker. Laugher. Part time safe trickster. Visionary for Peace On Earth, Favorite quote: Love is all we need Message: Visualize Peace Visit my website at

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