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The following poems are from poet Chad Sweeney’s latest book

Parable of Hide and Seek

by Chad Sweeney

I was a junebug found by a vole.

I was a wave ruffled by a wind.

I stood in long bank lines.

I attended the Third Church of the Heretic.

I hid as a darkness

diminished by a torch.

I wore glasses and a bowler.

I lay flat like a sill.

I his as a bullet fired into hay.

I his as a system of government.

You were my partner in everything.

I lived for you to find me.


by Chad Sweeney

In the town of essences

there is only one chair,

the unadorned average.

One toaster, one catapult,

one orange ripens in a bowl.

The colors are clean and good.

A canary circles the bell tower.

A vicar, a pregnant woman,

a madman share the red

picnic blanket.

A wheel turns

in view of the guillotine.

One moon

n different than a moon.


by Chad Sweeney

Everywhere I went

the maps were more accurate

than the land.

I was lonely.

I broke into Heaven

to steal three gold leaves

but found myself in a dispute

near Minsk

behind a grain elevator

where a girl wanted to kiss.

Red wheat. Green moon.

The peasants asleep

standing up in their boots.

White river. Red branch.

Sounds drifted back

toward their makers,

minnows flickered

in the white skins of grapes —

oblivious to the laws of composition

someone streaked lapis

diagonals onto the background

suggesting horses in motion.


Picture Chad Sweeney is a poet and translator. He is the author of three books of poetry, Parable of Hide and Seek (Alice James, 2010), Arranging the Blaze (Anhinga, 2009), and An Architecture (BlazeVox, 2007), and translator (from the Farsi, with Mojdeh Marashi) of The Selected Poems of H.E. Sayeh:The Art of Stepping Through Time (White Pine, 2011). He has published five chapbooks of poetry, including A Mirror to Shatter the Hammer (Tarpaulin Sky, 2006) and the bilingual (English/Spanish) Lost Notebooks of Juan Sweeney de las Minas de Cobre (Forklift, 2010), which has been translated into Catalán by poet Anna Aguilar-Amat of Barcelona. Sweeney edited the anthology Days I Moved Through Ordinary Sounds: the Teachers of WritersCorps in Poetry and Prose (CityLights, 2009) and is coeditor of Parthenon West Review, a print journal of contemporary poetry, translation and essays, based in San Francisco. Chad’s poems have appeared or are forthcoming in Best American Poetry 2008, American Poetry Review, Black Warrior, New American Writing, Colorado Review, Denver Qtly, Verse, Volt, Barrow Street and elsewhere. He taught poetry and literature for fifteen years in San Francisco, while earning an MFA from San Francisco State University, before moving to Kalamazoo, Michigan to pursue a Ph.D. at Western Michigan University where he teaches poetry and serves as assistant editor of New Issues Press.  He lives in Kalamazoo with his wife, poet Jennifer K. Sweeney and their newborn son, Liam Greenleaf Sweeney.

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