My favorite Capricorn Artist: Zane Musa (wiki)
I love this man. Zane Musa has a voice. His saxophone voice is one reminiscent of the great John Coltrane, his educators have deemed him at the foreforont of “The Young Lions”, those hearty and hip bebop hip-hop cultured masters of the bebop era. You can find Zane’s calendar and other interesting stuff at his facebook, myspace and Zane’s website.
You can also read about him here  under The L.A. Players

Saxophonist Zane Musa

This month, dedication will have its rewards. The month starts off with a solar eclipse in your 10th house. Its time for you to seek the recognition you deserve. It’s not a time for you to stay behind closed doors and write for your own personal fulfillment. It’s time for you to shine and get people to notice you for your talent. After the 23rd, Jupiter, planet of luck and expansion, will make it easier for you to succeed in your effort to do so.
This month would be a great time to merge your ideals and inspirational messages into your writing. Seek spiritual depth or higher knowledge to define your own truth. Doing so will give your writing the purpose that will transform it from good to extraordinary. It would also be a good time to finish whatever you are working on, so that you can show it off, later in the month.
This month, you will want to put a lot of depth and deep reflection into your work. You may be willing to share your work with others. Whatever you are working on is too close to home to make yourself vulnerable to the opinions of others. After the 15th, you will have more energy and will feel more extroverted. You will be inspired to write about your ideals.
This month starts off with a solar eclipse in your opposite sign, Capricorn. You may be dealing with some major changes in your relationships and other personal issues. On the 19th, the full moon in Cancer will give you the inspiration you need to regain control of your life and focus on your self and your work. Use all the emotion you are going through to bring character and humanity to your work.
This month is full of action and organization for you. Its time for you to take control of your life and be productive in every way. It would be a great time to edit, finish pieces, and organize your work, so that it is presentable. Venus moves into your 5th house on the 8th, so your creativity will not be compromised if your practical side comes out. You will need to balance your energy in order to contribute to the different directions you are being called to.
This month you will want to develop your own unique style and work independently. Your creativity will be at a high point, so make the most of it. Have fun with your work and don’t be too critical of yourself. You are more talented than you know. It’s really important for you to stay true to yourself and not worry about what others will think right now. Write from the heart.
Now would be a great time for you to find inspiration from your interaction with others and by learning about other artists. Networking and sharing ideas will activate your creativity. This month there is a lot of potential for you to really show and find out who you are. It will be important for you to establish a strong connection to your roots and reflect on the past to bring character and sense of depth or “realness” to your work.
This month, you may be feeling very social and you will have the support of your peers. It would be great to collaborate on a project that promotes community involvement. You may get a lot of ideas while you are out and about, so keep a recording device or a pen and paper with you at all times. Also, there is a Jupiter/ Uranus conjunction on the 4th in your 5th house, so you may get some exciting inspiration from your romantic affairs or children that you will want to put toward your own independent work.
The past few months, you may not have felt very social. You may have preferred to do all of your work alone in private That will change and you’ll be ready to face the world and bring your ideas to the surface after the 8th. You will also have an easier time attracting people and getting their support. Mars moves in to your 3rd house of communication and writing on the 15th, so you will have the urge to bring all of your ideas to paper, after this point
This could be a very big year for you. The month starts off with a solar eclipse in your sign. That means it is time to establish a strong voice and identity for yourself. You may go through some major changes as a person that will help you evolve to the next level of depth. Your energy is yours to direct wherever you see fit. Whatever you put your mind to, you are capable right now, at this moment
Now is a great time for you to delve into the depths of your imagination and get in touch with your intuitive side. Don’t over think things. Go with your gut. You have the potential to bring your out of this world ideas to paper and to the unassuming eyes of your readers. Mars moves into your sign, Aquarius, on the 15th. After this point, you will have a lot more energy and drive and will be willing to come out of your shell and show people what you’ve been working on.
On the 4th, two things happen. There is a Jupiter/ Uranus conjunction in your sign, Pisces. You may get some great unexpected news that brings up your confidence and helps you realize your worth. Also, there is a solar eclipse in your 11th house. Right now, you will not find inspiration working alone or writing for your own satisfaction. Put your energy toward a collective idea that brings you into contact with like-minded people. You may meet people who help you see the bigger picture which is good for your soul.

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