a poem

I want to be a man
I want to know what it’s like
to stand tall in the face of a woman.

Caspar David Friedrich

A woman that wants it all,
but does not know where to find it.

I want to be a man that can
take that woman’s hand and
tell her

It is here,
I have been keeping it for you,
don’t you look any further,
I have had it all along.

And I would shower her with all the Romance
from the beginning of all literature,
weaving tales of love gone astray,
and love rediscovered.

The flowers I’d bring, would still carry the scent
freshly picked from a garden,
not the smell of a florist’s
sliding glass door,
refrigerated roses.

The wine I would pour
would not boast of any vintage year,
It would speak of it’s presence within the moment,
and the intoxication would last
until the end of all existence.

I want to be a man
so I could ride into her life on a fine black stallion
pulling her up to my side in one clean sweep
so every element in her realm would know nothing
of where she had gone but with me.

I want to be a man
I could love
This Woman


  • – by Yvonne de la Vega from the book Tomorrow, Yvonne


About Yvonne de la Vega

Poet & Thinker. Joker. Laugher. Part time safe trickster. Visionary for Peace On Earth, Favorite quote: Love is all we need Message: Visualize Peace Visit my website at http://www.yvonnedelavega.com

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