When Ray and I decided to start-up Sextet again, it was Ray that brought it up.  I had actually called Ray to ask him if he had received my book and whether he had time to write the book’s Introduction. (Tomorrow, Yvonne)

As the phone rang, I thought of the last time I called Ray. It was on a Sunday and he picked up the phone and said immediately without even saying hey, howzit going Yvonne, he said, “Yvonne  –  it’s Sunday. No one works on Sunday. Call me during the week.” And he hung up.

Ray Manzarek is a Legend. What the f–k was I doing calling a LEGEND on Sunday. He was right. It stung but I was for that moment … not cool. I hung up trying to fast forward in time, to make the shame dissipate but there it was. I was not cool. I didn’t call Ray for a very long time.  I think I sent him an email to tell him what it was I wanted to tell him. That his WORDBEAT Interview was a top hit on BlogTalkRadio and that it was airing again that night.

Human mortal time that sounds like it does:

tick tock

tick tock

This time, as the phone rang, I anticipated the little mousey humble me to stammer through my façade of cool, pretending it was easy for me to call a Legend because I’m cool like that. But my heart sounded louder than usual and the phone was ringing at the Legend’s house, and in the midst of these thoughts, someone picked up at the other end. It was a woman. It was Dorothy.

It was that legendary woman who has managed to find a Legend and keep him loving her for over 50 years. From concept to finish these two. Ray Manzarek and Dorothy Manzarek were together through film school, through the Summer of Love, through higher consciousness, and through The Doors of Perception.

Dorothy and Ray 1972
Photo (c) by Robert Haimer

“Hello?” Her voice is warm and unintimidating. She is that beautiful, cordial, wise and accommodating Asian Beauty. I know the world. We all have a built in Geisha, those of us that have been stereotyped with a such an agreeable demure.

I say, ” Hi Dorothy, it’s Yvonne de la Vega, how are you?”

“Oh Yvonne, I’m fine, Ray’s around here somewhere…. hold on.”

There’s a bit of a shuffle and I imagine Ray coming in from the vineyard in his plaid shirt, jeans and a straw in his mouth. They had left Los Angeles a few years ago to settle up North in “beautiful wine country” as he called it, and he mentioned there was a lot of land.

More than likely he was just writing some new notation at his piano. or typing away at a new book, or reading. Those two love to read. He mentioned during an Interview that he and Dorothy had intellect in common. He didn’t say it like that, but that’s about what you got out of it. And they will always be in love.

I realized that the two greatest people I have been blessed to work with: Ray Manzarek of the Doors, and Herb Alpert, have both been with the same women from since the beginning of their careers up to this very moment. And I’m talking over 50 years with the same woman.

As a matter of fact, Herb and Lani embarked on a tour together. She’s a singer, he’s a legend. They’re married. They went on tour. Oh my goodness, can life be anymore wonderful for Legends?

Herb and Lani Hall

Legends stay in Love. It’s got to part of a formula only they got right. To quote my dear friend Lotus Weinstock, since she’s the only one that described the alternate reality clearly.

“I was married to Mr. Right. Mr Always Fucking Right.”Lotus Weinstock

But of the big guys, like Ray and Herb, legends stay in love. It’s got to part of a formula only they got right. I cannot help but include this factor into the equation of what equals greatness. Devotion. Commitment. Satisfaction. Luck of the draw? Intuition? Perseverance. Trust.

I have to meditate on that. I’ll be back with the rest of this post.


About Yvonne de la Vega

Poet & Thinker. Joker. Laugher. Part time safe trickster. Visionary for Peace On Earth, Favorite quote: Love is all we need Message: Visualize Peace Visit my website at http://www.yvonnedelavega.com

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