I have known Ashley  Gallup for years now, since she was 16 years old. I used to love introducing her to my friends so I could watch them marvel in their discovery of her, as she spoke wisdom and guessed their birthdays precisely, after speaking with them for a mere 3 minutes. I am nothing less than thrilled that Ashley has finally found herself ready to share her gifts with the world. Visit her site as well, where she is developing a place for everyone. Artists and lovers of art alike.  It’s about to get clearer for us all.   -Yvonne

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Astrology for Artists

~ by Ashley Gallup

“Our job in this lifetime is not to shape ourselves into
some ideal we imagine we ought to be,
but to find out who we already are
and become it.”
-Stephen Pressfield

We are all artists. Being an artist simply implies that you are not sleeping through your life. Everyday, each of us wakes up with a choice: to numb ourselves with day to day routines that require no creativity, or to truly do what we were put on this Earth to do and challenge ourselves.

We each have a unique talent that we should be sharing with the world. Some people choose to acknowledge this, and some people would rather not face that person inside them that is dying to come out. To do so takes courage and it is not easy for anyone. Although this website is for everyone, it is truly directed toward those people that are alive, awake, and determined to bring their talents into the world. I hope that I can bring a little bit of insight and inspiration to all of the brillliant talented people in my life that inspire me everyday.
“blue” by Gabrielle Reed

After years of putting my own passion on the back burner, I have finally decided to create this site. Everyone who spends an hour with me knows that astrology is my life. It endlessly runs through my brain, helping me understand the world around me and the people in my world. It has truly become an obsession of mine over the years. I will do someone’s chart, memorize it, and store it in my filing cabinet brain to use as reference eventually.  I have accepted that this is my true calling.

My real motivation is to understand, and help others understand what makes each of us unique and in which ways are we similar. In what ways can we grow, and in which areas are we already strong. When a person truly understands why they are the way they are, they can begin to accept and love themselves, and this is the first step to reaching their destiny. When we feel we deserve to live the life we want to, not the one that someone else or society believes we should, we can reach our dreams. My number one goal is to help people understand themselves so that they can get to that point.

– Ashley Gallup-

Thank you Beautiful “Little Ashley”,  crystal born bright woman… I think Ashley is going to bring light to many! Last Friday, I asked Ashley what was happening in the cosmos. Every Friday The Los Angeles Poetry Examiner (me)  picks a favorite poem to share with my readers. Ash told me that the cosmic climate was dark and moody. I immediately thought of Anne Sexton and her poem “Admonitions to a Special Friend”. It was perfect.  I’m glad Ashley was there with me. I think everyone needs an Ashley, really. Now – MY favorite Scorpios are:

Miss Gabrielle Reed

Check out Gabrielle’s Art:

“Self-Portrait” – -by Gabrielle Reed             “Blue” -by Gabrielle Reed

“Heart” -by Gabrielle Reed

“Messed UP” -by Gabrielle Reed “Happy” -by Gabrielle Reed

and Blaise Smith,

Check out Blaise’s Art:“They Do” 4ft x 4ft Acrylic on Canvas by Blaise Smith.

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