by Ashley Gallup
Astrologist Ashley Gallup

Below are Ashley’s  predictions especially for us, the writers…

The introspection continues for you this month. Your relationships are still taking center stage. The good news is that Mars, your ruler is in Sagittarius in your 9th house. So, despite the challenges you are facing in your life, your energy is high and you have the urge to learn more and be adventurous. If you can look at your life from a philosophical perspective, you will see that you are growing,  and your writing should reflect this new insight. <br>
In the first week of the month, it would benefit you to get inspiration from other writers. Listen to the opinions of others, and allow constructive criticism to help you perfect your work. After the 8th, it will be up to you to look within yourself for inspiration. It’s great to get some perspective by listening to others, but ultimately you will have to consult your own heart and imagination to stay true to your own signature style. Your writing may reflect a deep, intense tone that aligns with your current thought process this month.
This month, you may be rethinkingyour style. You may want to mix it up and step outside your comfort zone. Also, you will have a keen eye for detail, so you may want to go over some old pieces and edit them or change them around somehow. Inspiration for new ideas will blossom after the 17th, when Venus goes direct in your 5th house of creativity and fun.
Creativity will come naturally to you this month. There will be good balance of a fun and playful tone that is also insightful and deep. This is always hard to achieve, so you will win over critics and readers alike. With the new moon on the 6th, you will have the energy to start a new project or get some new ideas for an existing one. Mars and Mercury will be in your 6th house for the majority of the month, so now is a really great time to edit your work and pay attention to detail.
Now is the time for you to get back to your roots. Write about your family or old memories. You will want to surround yourself with family and people who are really close to you. Mars will be in Sagittarius, a fellow fire sign, so although you will be in reflective place this month, your energy will be up. This month will also be a great time for networking and getting your name out there. It’s really great time to promote yourself.
Mercury, your ruler and the ruler of communication, moves into your 4th house on the 6th. After this date, your thought process may become more relaxed and resolute. What a relief!! The beginning of the month, you may have a lot of ideas and energy, but you won’t know exactly where to direct it. Your viewpoint may become more optimistic and productive after the 6th.  This is also a great time for you to share your work with colleagues and network.
This month, your mind will be tuned into a variety of mediums. You will feel inclined to absorb as much information as you can. It’s really a time for you to educate yourself and get inspired by the new things you learn. You will have an easy time communicating your thoughts and people will respond positively to you because of your charm and eloquence. Let the beauty and diversity of the world speak through you and you will succeed.
Happy birthday, Scorpios. Now is a time for you to take a look at your body of work and decide how you want to improve or succeed. Set goals for yourself and put new energy into your work. Although, you will be well received by people, you may feel the need to reflect and work behind the scenes. After the 18th, when Jupiter goes direct in your 5th house, your creativity will blossom and you will be able to have fun with your work.
The beginning of the month will be a time for you to stop and reflect. Meditation and relaxation will help you recharge your brain. You may feel that you have all the physical energy that you need, but your artistic inspiration and mental wit are taking a break right now. Everyone needs a break sometimes, so don’t beat yourself up Your mind will become a littler clearer after the 6th and you will be able to pick up your pen again and express yourself. After the 22nd, you will feel a new vitality. That will be the best time to come forward with all of your work and share it with the world. The spotlight will finally be on you.
This month you may be concerned with advancing your career. You are really looking for recognition for your work. Be sure to take a step back and allow yourself to relax and reflect. Try not to be too pushy. Someday, people will notice you, probably when you least expect it. However it will be a great time for you to socialize and go to events with friends. Networking may always be on your brain, but be sure to enjoy yourself too. After the 18th, when Jupiter and Venus go direct new inspiration may come to you and you will have more luck communicating your ideas and networking.
This month there will be some positive changes in your life and you will finally be able to focus. Neptune has been retrograde in your sign for the past 3 months, making you feel a little confused about your life. You may have felt disconnected with your reality and in some other world. Although it could have been a time for deep reflection and spiritual growth, your energy level and inspiration to be productive may have been low. Finally, Neptune will go direct on the 6th. This will be a great time for you to finally take action and start working hard. You may find inspiration from going back to school, or studying religion or philosophy. You will also feel rather social this month. Get out there and participate!
This month you will charmed with the gift of perspective. You are able to see the big picture and you can relay this in your writing. Now is a great time for you to write because your soul is at ease and you can inspire others. On the 6th, there will be a new moon in your 9th house. The new moon brings new energy to any area of your life that you needs improvement. I would suggest taking a look at your long term goals and making some decisions about how to attain them.

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  1. Allen Loomis says:

    I am a Aquarius and this article was a direct hit on my last couple of months. Keep up the great work!

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