WORDBEAT is LA’s Poetry & Jazz Joint

Every Sunday I host a radio show. Technically, it’s called a “podcast” but really, when you’re at home these days, who listens to FM anymore? Everyone’s online and it’s the new thing really. Everybody else needs to get with it. Hello? No one uses a VCR anymore! We have a lot of fun on WORDBEAT.

Poets call in do their poetry over jazz that I spin. People hang out in that lounge and mingle, talk poetry, share buzz. The network, BlogTalkRadio features my podcast – mainly because my co-host is well, in his words, “a half-assed celebrity” John Drew Barrymore in my opinion is stellar by ancestry. I mean, who doesn’t know the name?

And the coolest thing is that every segment archives and is also available on Itunes.

But check it out Sundays at 8pm and call in if you’re a poet and not a chicken: 646 929 0302. Go check out WORDBEAT! Or how ’bout this – I’m listing all THE BEST Of WORDBEAT right here y’all.

The Segments that I love and apparently other folk do too, the downloads numbers are crazy! Just click the segment title and … go there. Enjoy! There’s a lot to do, so bear with me while I listen and pick the bestest. THE BEST OF WORDBEAT !

I like the Interview with Ray Manzarek. And also the one where John Barrymore first came on and we fumbled around, exremely technically challenged. It was a mess but pretty hilariolus. Oh – and the snoring poet! OMG hilarious, Her poet’s name was Princess and I put her on hold for a minute, took another call thought my channel got crossed with an orchestra station!

So hang in, I’ll get them all up here right quick.




About Yvonne de la Vega

Poet & Thinker. Joker. Laugher. Part time safe trickster. Visionary for Peace On Earth, Favorite quote: Love is all we need Message: Visualize Peace Visit my website at http://www.yvonnedelavega.com

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