As The Poems Go by Charles Bukowski

as the poems go
into the thousands
you realize that you’ve created very little.
it comes down to the rain,
the sunlight, the traffic,
the nights
and the days of the years,
the faces. leaving this will
be easier than living it,
typing one more line now
as a man plays a piano through the radio,
the best writers have said very little
and the worst,
far too much.

from ON THE BUS – 1992

“I was born and raised in Los Angeles and I love my city. I am an Angeleno, that’s what we’re called,  but check it out – my brother Dennis, he’s an Angeleno and he’s a Filipino.

Me, I’m a Filipina, so…wouldn’t I be an Angelena?

That’s something I have to ask Mike The Poet. That poet is so proud of being an Angeleno, that when I listen to him, I want to be one too! I get so wrapped up in his passion, that I forget I already am one!

I listen to him and I see my city like it’s this metropolis in some ancient lore and I romanticize all that it is, while I listen and then, I get so happy when I realize,

HEY – ME TOO! I’m an Angelen a….uh oh.  Angeleno Angelena.. whatever.” -Yvonne de la Vega

But. that right there?

That’s the common trait of The LA POETS. All of us. Whether we were born and raised here or corn fed and hopped off a Greyhound… it’s no matter.   If you were born a poet, you were either born a poet, or you were born an LA Poet – and if you were born it,  or it was destined to be your calling, your fate was to eventually get here, born,  reincarnated or swooped up from  the LA River in a basket.

However it happened …if you are one. It just hits you one day.

"I Am Alive In Los Angeles!"-by Mike The Poet

Mear One

        "Sketches of Babylon"

Mear One is a former LA  Graffiti artist,  did that book cover for Mike and that’s his Micky Mouse too.

Yvonne de la Vega: “He’s another Angelino of course. I have a couple pieces of his work, they were gifts from the Baurmann Gallery. This Gallery was going to print a couple hundred of one of my paintings but it got stolen. It was a painting of Dexter Gordon, called “Round Midnight”. I don’t know why, I’m not nearly as good as these guys.  I’m a good poet but my painting is not that great, it’s like alright kinda good – okay.    I know what good is.”

Check out it out, OG Able drew Model Bianca Smith, Yvonne de la Vega’s daughter:

Yvonne: “O.G. Able made it into my book with this one. Or I should say, I’m lucky I get to put such great art in my book.”

So like, Charles Bukowski, once he got here he knew he was a born LA POET. The accent is in the poetry. In the visual arts, it can be seen immediately.

THE LOS ANGELES VISUAL ARTISTS AS WELL, from Nathan Spoor (below) who lives in Yvonne’s building and The Cannibal Flower Artists to Juxtapose and classified by the hauteur as “low brow”  As opposed to High brow art.   We doubt if the true LA Artist cares what brow they are as long as they’re not in jail, not a junkie and ARE thank you: getting paid to “ART”

Yvonne de la Vega: “I’ve done many poetry readings in the Art Galleries  of Los Angeles. We love each other and admiration is the smooth trade off: they love to listen –  we love to  look. At the end of the day at a low brow, an artist can make a few grand for their craft or they might go home and call their Uncle Ben for a loan.  Awe poor things. -POOR  THING? of the two of us, the painters get paid. I buy  the beer and rhyme rebellions for posterity.”

Yvonne de la Vega  and D’vince  2007

Punch Line
Bailar y ritmo
bailar y ritmo
San Fransisco:  cuttin’ some tracks
with another producer dreamin’ ’bout
himself being the one  to take
poetry out of the Underground
once and for all.

He was sure I was the one
“The Poetess”  haha

he gave me  a hip hop
name – that fit the bill

perfectly for his vision. It’s
weird being the only one

in a room with an LA mind.
People talk,

I always think they’re joking.

I gotta get outta
that habit, stop smilingwaiting

for some punch line.   When
you leave LA no one out there’s

got a punch line.

Whatever, I love to travel
bailar y ritmo
bailar y ritmo
I’d been through that before
poetry poetry poetry beats
poetry beats beats beats
bailar y ritmo
bailar y ritmo
but afterward,
chuggin’ rum in Martin Luther King Park
drunk and making out. I heard King’s voice.
right when I noticed how beautifully blue
my producer’s eyes were.
I was seeing double
but Martin Luther King’s
voice was ringing clear.
…eyes that kind of blue were
too innocent to ever know

the poets belong in the subversive will always be Underground
they’ll never enter pop there is no message for the dancers. I started
with a whisper as I rose up in Martin Luther King  Park, out of my mouth
came the voice of that slain leader. I whispered, “I want you to think with me this
morning from the subject Rediscovering Lost Values
… R e d i s c o v e r i n g   L o s t   V a l u e s . “

I   got up and he watched me swing my hips back and forth some extra Betty
Boop, singing loud and drunk
He was wasted, his blues eyes glassy,
I was still swinging  my hips
I’m going back to LA babe!
There is no message for dancers “
He’s still talking even though I ‘m near the street,
bye- bye!
-yvonne de la vega

‎”And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.” ~ Friedrich Nietzsche

Yvonne de la Vega: “Every 10 Years . Watch I’m callin’ it now. When I first came on the scene it was 1988 – 89 and the Poetry In Motion Series in West Hollywood”

It’s called The Coming Resurgence, Los Angeles is the poetry center of the world. Let’s hope this rising saves the planet…

It was HAP PE NING ! The photo below is proof. All the working writers were reading poetry. They brought in the actors, the Producers. Eve Brandstein and Anne Beattes were pulling in the entire crews of a company and man… those were the days.

I was the only one during those days that was a girl scout mom, and was also on the PTA.

Okay so that was  around 89 -1990. okay? then the scene fizzled out and a few years passed and and around 1998 -’99. I hosted a Reading over  in Santa Monica on 17th Street.

I pulled in Michael Lalley after he just had a baby with a young lady. I think I found a couple of other folks, Tommy Swerdlow.  It was a real slow turn out. I remember Lally saying, “Good try kiddo but it’s dead…. it’s over. Been over for a few years now.

I was like, yeah whatever how sad – I’m not into drugs. Now what am I gonna do? Dabble? Everything was weak and slow,  everyone kinda walked out of that reading looking beat. And  well, it was real nice of the old school to get out of their warm rockers and come down. But I was still feeling it. I didn’t put this reading together in the middle of a One Thousand Year Chill. I knew something was happening. I can call that shi* every time.

Something really cool happened this little mexican looking bald kid with a smooth kinda talk came up to me after that reading and said, “Hi. I actually came out here looking for you.

I said I was sorry but I didn’t really remember him.

He said we had never really met and he had just got into town but he had heard about me just knowing about the Los Angeles poetry scene. I said, ” Cool.” Any way he mentions that him and a friend that also just blew in from the Bay Area were trying to put this reading together down on Vermont. He asked if I would feature.I said , “Oh yeah? Where at on Vermont?” And he says, This coffee shop called Onyx.

And then he says “Hey I’m sorry, I don’t mean to be rude.” He sticks out his hand and he says, “My name’s Ben. Ben Porter Lewis., so would you be down to do that come down and read some of your poetry?”

I was innocent. I did not know… He wanted to recruit me into The Hollywood Slam Team. I hated slams. They weren’t real poets . They were gestures and yelling. There was no way. His partner Milo Martin that had just come down from the Bay Area was going to manage this team.  I just laughed. I was not about to support that shit*

But there I was, I’m running with Milo across a huge stage in Middletown , Connecticut.

There’s TV cameras on me. And all these motley looking poets in a packed  hall.

I, am The sacrificial Lamb of the Evening For the Hot Seat Finals. I’m yelling about “Is There A Revolution?”,

and all I could think of is,

“that’s FOX and CNN and I’m talking about how Geronimo Pratt got Fu*ked and I wanted Geronimo Pratt to come and lead the Revolution as soon as he got out of prison!  And when I get back to LA my son’s gonna be kidnapped or something. Oh MY GOOOOD…..”

Milo had just escorted me onto the stage and back down. People were screaming after the poem. There were accolades for us.

We were Team Hollywood  – A Slam Team. Unbelievable.

I still don’t believe I did that.  wtf?” -Yvonne de la Vega

Our point is –  Poetry In Motion:  ’88 ,’89,  ’90…

Onyx and The Slam Generation of Poetry ’98, ’99. 2000.

It is 2010 y’all .

The Onyx celebrated it’s Re-union in November 2008…

Are you with me on this?

Poets see you on Fairfax, or Vermont or  where ever is clever

but let’s Save The World,  It’s all bad again…


LOS  ANGELES “ARTiFACTS”These Los Angeles  poets were happening,  and still are since the last resurgence 10 years ago.

– Micheal Lally a New Yorker that came down to Los Angeles  passing through like  this was Thunderdome , he helped the growth of the Poetry Resurgence about 20 years ago.

Eve Brandstein his partner is about to revive the Poetry In Motion series starting in November. I’ll post up all the link to The LA Poets in the next few Days.

You will come to understand Los Angeles Art and recognize it from it’s passion. All of it. From Street Art To Folk Art at Olvera Street Art to Plastigod  …soon, each name here will have a link.

In the photo below you can google every single name in that crowd and go into awe and ga ga. “Cubby” otherwise known as the Hubert Selby Jr, writer of “Requiem for a Dream” and “Last Exit To Brooklyn”,
Poetry In Motion series at Cafe Largo 1990..
In this photo: Anne Beatts Tommy Swerdlow, Hubert Selby Jr., Katey Sagal, Yvonne de La Vega Michael Lally (photos), Michael O’Keefe, Jack Grapes, Eve Brandstein Robert  Downey Jr., Lotus Weinstock, Michael Harris, Michael Des Barres , Joel Lipman, Caroline Ducrocq, Miriam Mezzieres

I am a  poet, journalist, and basically a writer first and foremost. I has been successful in many other art forms including dance, as a jazz singer, painting, photography, modeling and acting. Some of these came as opportunities that found me and some, I pursued with a passion:

I have thought of myself as an Intellect, but I’ve thought of my self also, as too vain especially when in consideration of everything yet to know*. Intellects run in the family and it is an enjoyable trait, especially at Thanksgiving when left to familial bantering.

So – to get around and check out the various adventures of Yvonne de la Vega We’ve added pages that will take you  to the places she appears on  the World Wide Web.. Yvonne: “As you read on, you’ll see I use words that you wouldn’t be able to find in any dictionary. This is due to “yvonnics”. Or, in other words and by definition, my  issue referendum for poetic license” poetic license n. – The liberty taken by an artist or a writer in deviating from conventional form or fact to achieve a desired effect.

In the right hand column you’ll see the menu, “Everything She Do” and the listings below it  Pretty self explanatory, right?

That would be to forget about the side bar. If you use it, you might as well just step out and go surfing the web…

We made a tour for ya… the “L.A.” sign at bottom of this,  or the text “Tomorrow Yvonne” will take you on the tour and you won’t miss anything. You may not finish the tour, It’s okay we’re  all ADHD -over here, we may not finish the site.

But when you come back, then use the side bar. Eventually, we’ll have pages up for all the Los Angeles Artists we can reach. we’re going to ask RD Armstrong to kick down and start the page on Bukowski –  Poet Raindog knows more about him, than he knows about himself. Which for a lot of us who still haven’t figured out who we are, it’s a good thing.  …what would we write about? Michael C. Ford – who we call the original Search Engine – oh man wait till you hear his stories!

Okay, welcome! enjoy yourself. Leave a comment. No hate.

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